Causes Too Good To Fight For

It is almost as if the world has forgotten that the civil war in Syria continues to kill destroy and overturn the lives of millions of Syrians. Many, if not most nations indulge in civil wars, from the greatest most powerful to the small nations without international power. Virtually every intrusion by the Western democracies into the affairs of others in recent years has resulted in a civil war and usually the civil war has a religious aspect as well as a free democratic side. 

Nothing seems to change. Andrew Marvell, a poet of great insight, wrote about the Civil War in England merely twenty years after that war ended:-

“Whether it be a war of religion or of liberty it is not worth the labour to inquire. Whichsoever was at the top , the other at the bottom; but upon considering all, I think the cause too good to have been fought for.”

Those words apply equally to wars in Iraq, Afghanistan, Syria, Libya as well as to most of the wars of history; people are fighting in the name of causes too good to fight for, but generally fighting to turn themselves from bottom to top or to stay at the top which is not a cause but merely an attempt at enrichment.

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  1. There is a war coming and going on today, listen.

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