The Same Old Plot and the Same Old Story

Unfortunately the kidnapping and abduction of children has been an event that has frequently happened in war and political movements. The taking of two hundred young girls from their school dormitory in Northern Nigeria is such an event. Political leaders compete to condemn the crime by their rhetoric and by their actions. But such actions have not always excited such public indignation.

Between 1946 and 1949 in the Greek civil war tens of thousands of children were abducted from Northern Greece and taken to the then Communist nations to the North. Some estimate the figure as high as 28,000 children.

The world at that time had other diversions. However, in November 1948 the United Nations General Assembly passed two resolutions condemning the removal of the Greek children, demanding their return. Eventually 684 children were allowed to return to Greece.

Our present system of twenty four hour news has some advantages; today the abduction of 200 children is treated with greater gravity and more publicity that the abduction of more than twenty thousand children nearly seventy years ago.

In both cases the children were taken to serve political ends, which really means to serve a quest for power and greed. It is the same old plot and the same old story.




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