Lots Of Taxes

In most developed countries tax systems are complex. The tax legislation of the United Kingdom extends to more than 12,000 pages of legislation and many more times that amount of law reports.  The complexity of the tax system is matched by the harshness of the penalties that apply if you fail to pay what somewhere in these 12,000 pages it is written that you should pay. 

I suppose the right approach is to give up on understanding what the law is or is not and just pay what the government asks you to pay; to do otherwise you run the risk of worry, arguments which drag on for years and loss of reason. The government has now taken the next logical step in their efforts to ensure that people pay whatever taxes the government prescribes; it will empower the Revenue to take unpaid taxes from your bank account. As to what is unpaid and what is due the Revenue will be judge, jury and court of appeal in that cause. That need not concern the taxpayer, who must know by now that HM Revenue and Customs have a papal like infallibility and never make an unjust demand.

There is no reason why tax law cannot be simplified. I think most people would prefer fewer types of taxes and simpler taxes. We can but live in hope but in unending efforts to justify their existence governments spend money of others and without being able to collect large amounts of other people’s money governments are less effective in creating the wonderful society in which we all live.

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  1. How it all began

    Money is a converter and thief of human physical energy not a mediator but an end product, Mr Tellinger is on the right kind of path though.

    There are only two forms of true energy, one is sunlight, the other calorific, both must follow the rules of conservation, the former cannot be destroyed no created, by humans, but it can be converted into another form of energy by nature herself.

    We are at the very end of this chain, photosynthesis is the precursor to laying down the reserves and all of our raw materials and a conversion in itself, same goes for all seasonal food grown, with these two intact we can survive almost indefinitely, if we use them correctly.

    The human element is the middle model with money the end, problem, what is needed for humans to evolve towards their Utopia, is the retention of their hand to eye skills and how to use what comes free from nature for themselves, not use them against others.

    Those that create useless tools, called money, are the ones continually halting the natural processes, I hope Michael reads this, because he needs to start adopting the more natural element of conversation human energy, by teaching the whole to respect another’s calorific effort.

    Only then will we begin to free ourselves from the madness that is money and pure speculation over another’s fortune.

    Hope that irons out any confusion, because it is how we evolved in the beginning, we were simply given the tools to make it happen and currently work away from the solution to most of our problems.

    Another view

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