An Epitaph For Humanity “It Was Not Our Fault”

Every week evidence emerges that climate change is affecting our wealth, our health and our lives but yet there seems to be a large number of people who think that climate change is some kind of conspiracy to suppress freedom or create wealth for the undeserving.

The latest study in the United States is the National Climate Assessment. It simply says that the number of extreme weather events in the USA has increased over the past fifty years and their intensity has also increased. It cites rainfall in the North East of the USA increasing by more than 70% over the past fifty years and difficulty that urban areas have in cooling at night. The Mid West has longer growing seasons, more heat waves and droughts while the South West has more droughts, fires and less water.

People tend to believe what they want to believe and people want to believe that their own actions on this planet as a whole are benign and in the interests of humanity. It is a foolish fond belief. Those who think climate change is just a conspiracy will provoke an epitaph for humanity “it was not our fault” when in future some aliens survey acidic seas, an intolerable climate and the emergence of a species whose influence on the planet’s climate is more benign.

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  1. Yesterday I was in my allotment and overhead of the North West corridor passed a modern Jet, seen quite clearly through my binoculars, the small white trail gave away its position quite nicely.

    Then fifteen minutes later that trail had spread to over a mile wide or more, an hour later it was many more miles wide, herein is a clue to how clouds are formed, its called geo engineering.

    The another jet passed on the same route leaving no trail behind, all one needs to do is look up and you can see why the clouds are not as they should be.

    On a busy day multiple jets actually block out the sun completely after their trails have drifted together and joined.

    This you can see is real, but not the Co2 which people are becoming terrified of through miss information.

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