The Greatest Honours

We are warned not to place our trust in princes. The warning is important and yet we inevitably are seduced by those who are wealthier and more powerful than we, and when such people sweep the crumbs from their tables we are keen to garner what we can to sustain us. From time to time these beings you claim superiority by virtue of self bestowed silver and decorations may honour us. In the united Kingdom the honour may be a badge, a ribbon, some ante-ceding or post ceding initials or a title. Thus some become by virtue of the wealthy and powerful a new separate class – the great and the good, to which we may aspire thus diverting us to aspiring to become wealthy and powerful or removing those who are. But these honours are illusory. They are marks of those who flatter, not marks of distinction. There are only three genuine honours that a person can receive

  • To be present at the birth of a person
  • To be truly loved
  • To be present at the death of a person

These honours honour those who achieve them and in doing so the honoured person honours life. Honours bestowed by people, other than love life and death, are not honours at all, merely a fancy unnecessary ruff on a coat designed to keep us warm. Most honours are merely decorations, pleasant but unnecessary and positively dangerous if you believe in them


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  1. A honourable man has now been arrested, he deserves better.

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