Hemmed in and Oppressed

I am hemmed in and oppressed. Those that make the laws oppress me.

Our lawmakers have made so many laws that my honed instinct as to what is right and what is wrong is no longer a reliable guide to what the law is, merely an indication of what the law should be. Our lawmakers have also taken away the tools that the people need to understand the law. Pompous self-righteous and ugly, the lawmakers cocoon themselves to hide from those for whom they make laws. We elect our lawmakers to oppress us and they do not fail in this task.

The lawmakers are served by a species of administrators whose prime purpose is to protect themselves and the lawmakers. For them oppression of the electorate is illusory; they do the best for the people, which for them also requires them to do the best for themselves. They do not fail themselves.

My wants, my genuine wants, are served by the oligarchs for their own purpose. I can eat if they can gorge; I can shelter if they can lavish luxury and waste upon themselves. They feed and shelter some, not all, for those who do not serve their purpose are not served by them. They are logical in this.

So we praise and worship the lawmakers who make bad laws and the administrators who enforce them and the oligarchs who exploit them.

Should I require more of humanity than this scrambling for material wealth which merely impoverishes most to enrich the few? I am in no position to demand or suggest; a small voice in a large crowd goes unheard unless it chants what the crowd chants, in time and in tone.

One Response

  1. Maybe it is time to share what you know with us, to help even out this mess which has been by design, a system in decline by design as far back as Beaching or even further, since the UN was set up in 39.

    See Blair being taken down as we speak, the blockers are trying to prevent the inevitable, but its just a game for them, who are post wars.

    The ones who flew with the crows will be taken down by the crows, as the story goes.

    I hope Blair is aware of what is coming towards him, by his own kind.

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