It is Springtime

The argument that God created man from clay or earth, and then woman from man, may be interpreted scientifically, in that humanity evolved from creatures who evolved from organisms that in turn evolved from the meeting of molecules as parts of earth collided with other parts, but the legend works well enough as a simple explanation. The theory is a bit like begatting in reverse. The truth of that explanation is immaterial; sometimes it is better to accept a simple explanation. It is wrong to labour to understand a complex truth. It is never possible to understand a complex truth unless it is distilled into a simple untruth. Simple untruths are really truths by virtue of the story they tell; the allegory of untruth is more powerful that truth itself. It is easy to see an allegory for what it is; it is very hard to recognise the truth when it is told.

We know that man and woman have been created; regardless of legend and whatever the science of this statement may be this is a simple truth. We know that all the billions of human souls alive today have each been created out of a mother by a father.

We humans are not like some animals that create hundreds of thousands of offspring in the hope that one or two will survive. We humans invest in quality, not quantity, and we require the mother to love and cherish a child in order that the child may prosper and survive. Thus we are what our mothers made us as well as what our mothers did in order to make us.

It is Springtime. Springtime reminds me of motherhood. Motherhood reminds me of my own creation which in turn points me to the legend of the creation of humanity built from clay.

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  1. As we create new life from clay, another miracle has just happened, but the saint was supposed to preserve life not kill it.

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