We have nearly reached 400 part per million.

The most recent monthly average of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured at Mauna Loa Hawaii in March 2014 was 399.65 ppm, compared with 397.31 ppm in March 2013. Humanity has nearly done it. BY the end of May the measurement will exceed 400 part per million, I have no doubt. We live, as the Chinese Curse would have it, in interesting times.

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  1. Okay, it’s rising; that’s not a good thing, BUT… At what level is a BAD thing? At what level is it becoming fatal for humans?

    Here in Oregon – in a farming area – I don’t think we’ve seen real clouds in over a YEAR. That last weird snow (obviously nucleated) was obviously NOT RIGHT either! It’s been ‘way too cold here for ‘way too damned long! I find myself wishing I had a flush-handle 9like the one on a toilet) I could pull and just get RID of the real problem. (It seems obvious to me that wherever you’ve got THAT much crap, it’s almost certainly a toilet or a sewer). I’m tired, I’m ill and in pain, and I’m SICK of watching those so-called “elites” steal, murder, lie, strut and preen, meanwhile being utterly convinced of their inherent superiority. Newsflash: they are JUST THE OPPOSITE: their sires deliberately removed that part of them that WOULD HAVE made them humans, and could have made BEING human MORE than worth it! instead, they have NO healthy, normal human emotions, because they’re considered weaknesses, and without THOSE, what’s the point?

    They experience no love, and likely not even simple affection, with NO chance of friendship. Any “friend” who disagreed with an “elite” or refused to cooperate with an order (even if it IS phrased as an offer or a request) is going to die – soon! That’s NOT “friendship” – it’s some weird form of ownership, like some people have with their pets. They have no conscience, so they have NO way of identifying with other people, never mind animals or other life forms. They want US gone, they say, so they can make themselves immortal without having us get in the way. What I cannot figure out is, why be immortal with absolutely no REASON FOR IT? You can’t kill off ONE side of your emotional structure without unplugging the OTHER side! They insist they want to “preserve the Earth in it’s natural state,” as though “natural” cannot include US – people! We’re as natural as anything else on this planet, dammit! THEY are the unnatural creatures, and THEY are the ones who are so casually destroying nature in their efforts to rid the world of us! And they believe they have the right to do all this evil, all of this damage! Why? Because they want it; that’s all of it: because THEY WANT IT. Nothing else matters. Not to them.

    • Good post Mac

      We worry about 400 parts per million, a figure not even noticeable, tasteless, odourless, unless one looks for a “Greening Effect” taking place in the vegetation from space, which is happening BTW, if we take a look at the Bio-dome experiments of old, we can see humans living in an atmosphere of around 650 ppm, quite happily, for that level in true nature to be acquired, it will take several hundred years at our current rate.

      Now we take a look at what all the bother is about, to hit the fan pretty shortly, using up much carbon fuel, to kill carbon units called humans, periodically 666 = carbon.

      400 million souls are already lost to this madness and we worry about a little helpful gas.

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