All crises are in history are created by human greed. Greed is an unnecessary pleasure as well as a destructive one. Events in the world which start as a crisis often rapidly develop into wars in which one side wants to enslave the other side ad enjoy the wealth that the other side has created. Sometimes the feeling is mutual.

There has been enough on this planet for all the humans who live her. It is likely that this will not always be the case until the numbers of humanity are reduced by the foolishness of humanity.

Greed is like smoking; unnecessary and addictive as well as harmful


2 Responses

  1. Greed does not exist in true nature Rob, only for some of the things nature doesn’t need, IE money or religion, and control of those who use these poisons against reality.

    Does one see the crocks at the water crossing trying to capture all that swims the gap, do we see the sperm killing sperm to get to the ultimate prize first, if two make it together.

    Those following the money will not be the victors.

    For those wanting to more, I recommend this book.

    The Holy Science

    Swami Sri Yukteswar.

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