The Birkenhead Drill and Selfishness

Perhaps our world has become a more selfish place. There have always been very selfish people; why would anyone become or remain a billionaire except for selfishness? However, it seems that selfishness is increasing as more people aspire to the heights of selfishness.

This trend is demonstrated in everyday events. Vessels sink and the passengers drown, but the captain and officers of the vessels survive. The old Birkenhead Drill of “women and children first” seems to have been forgotten, or if not forgotten fallen into disuse as a result of misplaced political correctness, which is neither political nor correct, but shorthand for an insidious form of propaganda design to make us all think the same thoughts and believe the same things.

The Prime Minister of these islands is not a particularly good person nor is he a particular profound thinker, yet when he says the UK should be “more confident about our status as a Christian country”, howls of protest rise up, as though the Prime Minister was promulgating an evil thought, rather than a good thought.

I am not a religious person but see no objection to Britain being confident about its Christianity, or Saudi Arabia being confident about its religious beliefs or any other nation being confident about some concept or idea that has shaped it. I do not think that Mr Cameron’s statement fosters alienation or division in our nation, which claim has been made by those who do not think but react from the premise that their political correctness has a monopoly on truth and reason.

This reaction is another example of selfishness, which selfishness pretends to care for everyone; I would not like to be on a sinking ship with those exponents of political correctness, where the Birkenhead drill of women and children first has evolved into “every man for himself and the devil take the hindermost”.

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