Clean Beaches

It is good to learn that Britain’s beaches mainly have excellent water quality. There are two reasons why water quality at Britain’s beaches is now largely free from e-coli and other malignant pollutants. There are two reasons why the pollution that Britons have managed to get into its beaches and their waters have decreased; one reason is attributable to the investment that water companies have been forced to make in cleaner sewerage systems which deposit less sewerage close to the beach. The other reason is the relatively dry summer of 2013. Wet summers cause dirt and other pollutants to wash to the beach in greater volume than drier summers. A wet summer in 2014 will see many beaches lose their “excellent” rating, because in these overcrowded islands we generate too much dirt and waste and a wet summer inevitably washes some of it into the sea.In two years time beaches that fail the standard of “excellent” will have to display warning signs. Until then someone who wants to swim in the sea on these shores must either research the pollution rating of the beach or just guess and hope that the beach will be one of the three in four whose water quality has been tested and found excellent.

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