In the End No One Was There to Come

Someone commented on my recent post about the IPCC and linked the way in which climate change has become a movement claiming that it is without scientific foundation with the way in which economies are built upon a fiction of worthless money. It set me thinking. 

I do not think that climate change should be regarded as a movement or a religion; great intentions have led to movements, like the trend towards eugenics at the early part of the last century which led to many dreadful things happening and ultimately to ideas of racial purity and genocide and enslavement of millions of people.  Eugenics was well meant but the road to hell is paved with good intentions and such intentions can be used by evil people for their own ends.

Climate change is in three distinct parts. The first part is the science itself. That is not completely proven but it is almost completely proven, as the great body of fairly robust research shows. The second part is the politics of climate change. here the science becomes distorted; people take sides and express their opinions and the debate often becomes extreme. I would never condemn someone because they disbelieve in anthropogenic climate change; there is a small change that they are right and an honestly held opinion, even if it is wrong, is nothing to be mocked or held in contempt. We must not send in the thought police but allow the expression of that opinion and debate it; after all it may prove to have some sense in it. The third part of climate change is the prediction what will happen in the future and this is the most uncertain and difficult part of climate change.

The way in which we run our economies is based on confidence. We accept paper money for goods or services that we provide because we have confidence that we can with that paper money buy the goods and services that we need. We make it a criminal offence to forge money, but somehow do not make it a criminal offence to manipulate money, as banks and hedge funds do, with their derivatives, high frequency trading and a host of other devices which simply undermine the currency with as much effect as a large scale forger of bank notes.

Ultimately and in essence climate change is the result of large scale economic growth; the more traditional economic growth there is the more the climate will change and the more at risk we put ourselves. Playing with funny money has its impact because the game involves in the final analysis a market economy as the playing board.

First they said that climate change was not happening and people believed and watched, then they said they could solve it with funny money and complex schemes and good intentions and people believed and watched. Finally there was no one to believe and no one to watch

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  1. It was I incognito who replied Rob, but I’m sure you really know who I am though by the way I write.

    Of course we are having an effect on our immediate environment and the overall climate, we have been doing that ever since we started cutting down all the trees that once covered our isles.

    Where the real trouble began is when we started basing everything that lives on our wonderful planet and fixed it to our promissory notes, almost everything we do is linked to this very destructive agent against true nature, so much so that those who honed it traversed the globe with book in hand and a sword in the other.

    The greatest disappointment in all of this AGW or, not syndrome is we take great care of pointing out our internal problems, but look no further afield into our heavens to what is now happening on most if not all of our sister planets. Here we have seasoned minds in their sciences, not yet included in the money making model that is climate change AKA global warming upon earth, or as the biblical saying mentions, As Above So Below, I’m sure you cab see where this is heading.

    Mentioned is the new mind set of burning those at the stake, who does not believe in something that is still unproven science, and as Mr Einstein once said, condemnation without investigation is the height of stupidity, but the stupid are in charge of the stable are they not, so stoke up the fires but be not there at the anointing with flame, its an age old trick to gather valuable funding for purchasing the coal needed to keep the home fires burning as they say.

    The way we run our system and or societies is based on money, that is entirely devoid of any form of regard or confidence, as we register our children we are entering the world of pain for them in the future, futures that we very rarely get to say how it works, if this was the case we would halt the cruel and draconian wars we are knee deep in today.

    Here is a great man who can give the finer details to what is coming towards us and we worry about climate change.

    The same people who are making billions from global warming are the same people who introduced the promissory note Rob.

    Seek out the book Piso Christ.

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