Hey did we just kill a kid?

In one of those entertaining but reasonably shallow political debates between two leaders of minor parties here in the United Kingdom one leader, Mr Farage, claimed that the European Union was in the process of creating its own air force. Later a journalist rather sneeringly commented that the EU was not creating an air force merely combining to create some EU drones.

I think the journalist missed the point. In the not too distant future all air forces will be using craft that are pilotless drones. They will be flown by pilots who will be seated not in the craft but in front of a plethora of computer monitors and technological equipment in the comfort of their own armchairs, some of which eventually will be scattered in secret locations.

The drones that these armchair pilots will control will be smaller than the aircraft of toady, cheaper (because they will not have to build in for pilot safety) lighter and capable of wrecking more destruction at much less risk to the lives of those who utilise them.

In effect the EU is on its way to creating its own air force. I have no doubt that many nations are now planning to adapt their own air forces into drone forces. In the future so many will be killed by such technology and medals will not be pinned upon pilots who risk their lives but on armchair gamers who from time to time may continue to ask “hey, did we just kill a kid?”

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