Congratulations, Tony Blair

Mr Tony Blair must be an enormously gifted businessman. He spent ten years as Prime Minister and left us with two years of Gordon Brown in charge. During those ten years there was some prosperity and a great deal of dogma which we now see has little foundation in truth and by the time Mr Brown’s short term of office had come to an end we found that the bankers had stolen all the money under the sleepy eyes of various politicians and regulators, which politicians included of course Mr Blair.
It is arguable that the economic crisis was a contagion that started in The United States of America but it is the purpose of elected leaders to protect the people from such contagions even if they are made virulent as a result of the actions and practices of investment bankers and the like.
However we cut the cake, there was a huge economic crisis. That put the country that Mr Blair served as Prime Minister into somewhat a parlous state. In the resulting recession many businesses failed, some because the bankers had stolen their wealth, others because they foolishly based their plans on believing what the government said and with those failed businesses there came more unemployment and people generally getting poorer and poorer. Some lost their homes and others even lost their lives. Certainly for the vast majority of the people in these islands things got very bad indeed. Perhaps now the worst is over; we all hope so.
However, with this decline in the fortune of the nation the fortunes of Mr Blair have increased in a splendid way. It is said that Mr Blair has amassed £70 million in the past years since leaving office, and in order to do this he must be an exceptionally insightful and clever business person. To amass £70 million in a few years is no mean feat, and credit must be given to Mr Blair for his cleverness and business brilliance. Of course, I do not wish to heap praise upon him where none may be due; perhaps he has only made £60 million or even a mere £50 million in this time.
I dare not quote Ghandi’s “It is difficult but not impossible to conduct strictly honest business. What is true is that honesty is incompatible with the amassing of a large fortune” because to do so would seem churlish. I simply congratulate Mr Blair for looking after himself better than he looked after his country.

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