Fight Fight Fight

When I was at school boys often fought each other. Sometimes there was a genuine reason for the fight, but more often than not the fight was encouraged and cajoled by other boys who simply wanted the entertainment of watching a punch up. Tow protagonists were identified, surrounded and then encouraged to fight, even though one of them never wanted to fight. Boys fear loss of face and so the encouragement usually resulted in a fight. Boys started screaming for a fight before the hostilities commenced, just to make sure that they did commence.

Watching the behaviour of the media in recent years I wonder how many wars have been started by the mass equivalent of a group of boys encircling protagonists and shouting “fight, fight, fight”. There were always those who carried messages of insult and hostility – “he says you’re stupid” which messages were grounds for a fight, at least they were in Poplar when I was young. Today the messages of hostility and insult are carried by the media of the world. Even the BBC seems more interested when questioning the British Foreign Secretary Mr Hague about with what we would fight after the results of the Crimean referendum than questioning him about whether the clear decision of the Crimean people meant that a fight was less likely.

I suppose wars and conflict make jobs for the media. The war correspondents and their cameramen back their bags and fly off to places where they hope a war will happen and then faithfully report it in graphic and sad detail. The pictures and news fill the television radio and newspapers making them far more interesting than if they were simply reporting economic statistics and legal cases.

So it seems to me that much of the Western media is fulfilling the role that Pravda used to carry out- stir up dissent and encourage discontent amongst a certain group of people which Pravda did for political reasons of the Soviet state, not just for self enrichment.

Meanwhile the BBC reported that the 96.77% referendum result in Crimea to join the Russian Federation was a fair reflection of the vote, and that 81.3% of the eligible population voted. On my maths that makes more than 77% of the Crimean people voting in favour of union with Russia and on any interpretation of democracy this should mean that people should have their will. Even if my maths is wrong it seems clear that 70% of the people voted for union with Russia; anywhere else in the world the result of a referendum which had 70% of the people favouring a course of action would be regarded as morally and legally conclusive.

I have yet to hear any Western politician explain why the Crimean people should not have their will. Instead the referendum is condemned as illegal and illegitimate; I wonder if that condemnation would have been made in the people of the Crimea had voted to stay with Russia.

2 Responses

  1. What chance then does that give any citizen who lives within the countries owned by the current Military Industrial Complex/UN, that is really running things. The lock down and desired global conflict looms a little closer it seems.

    One day men like Hague will be seen for what they are, war criminals, like the older version and Mr Kissenger who is unable to travel past his own borders.


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