Living is mere Change

I looked in the mirror. I saw an old face with wrinkles and haphazard hair, grey and thin. The face was wearing spectacles, not old fashioned but not modern. It was a face that I hardly recognised, that I would not find friendly if I passed it in the street. I wondered about that old man.

I read my writing. My writing is my thinking, organised and ordered. Some of my thinking seemed so different from how I think now. I could not remember twhat I had thought and how I had thought it. I hardly recognised it. I wondered about it.

I looked at my hands. They were rough but the blood vessels stood out on the back of them. The fingers were broken and scarred, and my nails were thick and hard. I did not recognise them, and wondered how they still manage to serve me.

I looked at the clouds crossing the sky. I saw them though my window. They have not changed. They shape and move as they have always shaped and moved.

The shapes and tastes of my life have changed. Living is mere change and the longer that I live the more I shall change.

2 Responses

  1. Is it you who is changing Rob or the paradigm that is being changed by design around you, Maybe the latter, maybe a new road to follow but not to its final destiny, which invariably leads nowhere if followed thus.

    They say its not easy to teach an old dog new tricks, I disagree with this and have reinvented myself several times to a professional level, which is easy if you chose the right articifer’s to show you the way to go but not what to see and do.

    A good person and kind is not an act Rob, it is a way of life, a life that any good wo/man can un-compartmentalise if she or he has the spunk and drive to do so.

    Organisation is like an untidy desk like mine, what does a clean and tidy desk mean.

  2. A possible answer.

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