Feeding From the Corpses of Its Own Kind

I read the news again today and o boy it was a depressing collection of examples of humanity’s inhumanity towards humanity. I know that news reports tend to concentrate on the worst aspects of human behaviour, but today’s news seemed to go beyond a mere concentration; it was as though humanity had invented new ways to create suffering, all in the pursuit not of happiness but of greed.

A Judge who sat as a Magistrate in a Court in Amman in Jordan was gunned down by the Israeli Army, who described the man as a terrorist. The Prime Minister of Israel later clarified that the judge was no terrorist. In an unrelated incident a man was killed because he threw stones at the Israeli Army.

In Syria the health service of the country has been decimated. Polio is becoming rife and the only way to anesthetise patients in many cases is to knock them out with a sharp blow to the head. The killing and injury to the civilians continues in Syria and several millions are refugees in neighbouring lands.

The United States has decided that the best way to promulgate peace and democracy in the Ukraine is to lend the government there which recently achieved the overthrow of the previous elected government by means which are not democratic one billion dollars. No doubt much of it will end up in secret bank accounts or will be used to purchase arms to ensure that political enemies are disposed of by bullets rather than through the ballot box.

Humanity is rapidly turning its ploughshares into weapons and its pruning hooks into spears. It will thus starve itself, both of food and of moral conduct and will feed from the corpses of its own kind.


2 Responses

  1. No man is safe when freedom fails
    The best men men rot in filthy jails
    And those who cry Appease, Appease
    Are often killed by those they tried to please.

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