Independence is Not Freedom

There is nothing quite like poking your nose into the affairs of others in order to enrich yourself but under the pretence of helping to remedy an injustice. This is the behaviour of journalists and of nations; they are alike in that respect.

We now have the interesting phenomena of Crimea’s proposed referendum being condemned by leaders of the Western Democracy – including the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Germany. Apparently these democracies think a referendum would be illegal. It is interesting, to say the least, how any properly democratic vote could be illegal, because law gets its moral authority from the ballot box, as well as from established principles of proper behaviour. Presumably any referendum which does not achieved the desired result is considered by some politicians as illegal.

For centuries politicians have exploited ethnic differences to their own advantage and to the advantage of the nations they rule. The principle of “divide and rule” was used by Napoleon to ease the passage of his armies over Europe, and by the British to cling onto territories that they conquered and plundered. Now in Ukraine both the indigenous people and the nations who compete to dominate them have stirred up hatred and are well on their way to dividing a nation.

From 1918 to 1992 Yugoslavia managed as a nation which comprised many ethnic groups deliberately scattered and mixed by its former rulers, the Austro-Hungarian Empire without those ethnic groups trying to wipe each other from the soil of the nation. Yugoslavia is now six separate independent nations. It could easily have become sixteen nations or sixty nations.

Small nations are usually better than big nations; they are easier to administer efficiently. But small nations should understand that their independence is almost always illusory. They are at the mercy of big nations, bigger neighbouring nations and multi-national companies. It is important that in your search or independence you do not achieve independence but lose the freedom that you have.

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  1. Small nations are safer but not after the United Nations has a say or hand in things.

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