Let the Sun Shine

For the first time in a long time the warm sun fell through my window and onto my eyes. I did not need to see a rainbow. The sun warms alike the cold and dirty graves of those who died at peace of heaven sent diseases and those who had their lives ripped away from them violently.

The sun which warms the earth bleaches a little of the algae on the headstones and memorials in cemeteries where the dead lie, not at rest but at decay. The suns warms each particle of dust howsoever it was made, and the vibration of the dust is life and life, so full of inconvenient diseases. needs

In Africa, poor Africa, where disease thrives, he people fear the malaria that creeps up the mountain sides of a warming earth, a gift from the rich to the poor, sent not from heaven but those in comfort and wealth careless of the consequences of what they do and how they live. The sun will shine again through my window, after the rains. And the diseases of heaven will be spread by the peoples of the earh.


2 Responses

  1. From the poor to the rich in carbon taxes, so much hype for the money.

  2. The sun will begin to shine once we begin thinking like this man.

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