You do not have to eat a crocodile to show that you care

It is the little things that count. Grand gestures are precisely that – gestures rather than actions. In small actions we shape our destiny and that of those around us. Words are actions, often more important actions than fluid interactions and enterprises of seeming importance. I do not discount the spoken or sung word. These can shape destinies but do so infrequently.

Great speeches by great orators shape the brief destiny of the moment but written words shape the destiny of generations. All the religions that have survived and influenced those living now have done so because their words were written and not just spoken. Writing is the best way of recording and preserving great thoughts and ideas.

Those that truly understand humanity will appreciate the small words that humans write more than the large gestures and vacuous speeches that some humans make. You can tell the quality of a person in how they take tea or coffee with you. You can see their charity in the eyes.

You do not have to rant and rave to show your love or eat a crocodile to show that you care.

One Response

  1. Meet the crocks that Icke is trying to tell us about, these greedy crocks at the river crossing will try to capture all the meat that is swimming the routes across the water we have followed for generations.

    Nature only takes what it needs.

    Enjoy and learn a lot.

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