It it put events into clearer focus. While the media in Britain and the USA reported the local justification for the overthrow of the Ukrainian government and telling us all how evil and undesirable Russia had been, the media in Russia were reporting that the new Ukrainian government were busy repealing laws that made Russian an official language of Ukraine and appointing three oligarchs to govern parts of the country as a reward presumably for helping in the overthrow.

The USA and the EC seemed to have spent their rhetoric and used their bad adjectives on Russia. There seems to have been some military threat by Russia which has a legitimate interest in protecting  but whether it has justification for sending its troops into the Crimea is an open question because such actions often bring about the very problem That they are designed to prevent.

The USA and the EC talk of economic sanctions against Russia, which for the EC would make much of the EU poor and cold as the only sanctions worth employing would impoverish much of the EU and leave it short of energy. That might suit the USA who would face less competition from the E U and would suit China who will fill the void of goods exported by the EU to Russia that would no longer be exported there if any economic sanctions are applied.

In these events there are no angels; the big powers are seeking to serve theirs own interests not those of Ukraine And the smaller players are seeking to enrich themselves. The US are characterising Russian behaviour as undemocratic and bullying and it may be, but no less undemocratic and bullying and probably more so

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  1. You seem to be confusing incompetence and desperation with malice. On both sides there is a lot less of folks after “theirs own interests” and a lot more of people flailing around in the dark. When you get to the front of the train you’d be surprised to discover that nobody’s actually driving.

    • the difference is academic. If your actions have a predictable result and you do them anyway, you are held accountable for them as if they were intentional.

    • Ah, very true.

    • There is truth in what you write. The difference in criminal law between intentional acts and reckless acts is marginal and the consequences are usually the about same for the offender, if caught and punished because the results as far as the victim is concerned are indistinguishable from each other.

    • Sorry couldn’t resist

    • Not sure who is driving but there is definitely someone there shovelling coal into the engine of a runaway train.

  2. This crisis is a fine example of the way the US leadership and its parrots tell stories portraying its own recent actions as evil when done by someone else.

    Kerry’s statements about “non-interference”, in particular, are a simple and straightforward example that can be used to teach small children the meaning of hypocrisy.

    I am grateful for these fine learning tools, supplied for free by our otherwise uninteresting leaders.

  3. The debt monster is about to enter Ukraine like it has in all of the recent takedowns of countries, once inside the money trees the debts can no longer be paid back, the whole sale robbery will begin the second the loans are transferred.

    See who is the IMF and know their past.

    Pyramids in Crimea.

  4. Latest.

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