Destabilising Regimes

The road to hell is paved with good intentions and light by the lamps fuelled on greed and ambition. In Iraq the Western democracies said there was an evil regime, so they destabilised it and reduced the country into a state of civil war where many died; one tyrant replaced another while many competing tyrants jostled for supreme tyranny. The Western democracies  turned their attention to Afghanistan, where they repeated the trick. And then came Libya. Next was Syria and now it is the Ukraine.

yes, there were some evil leaders, but also some elected leaders. Some evil leaders maintained order and with it safety for much of the population because the people were too frightened to raise their voice. But the western democracies encouraged the overthrow of leaders (some of whom had actually been elected democratically) and like a crowd revelling in entertainment, shouted encouragement because the spectacle sold newspapers and advertising on the televisions of those who live in the Western democracies.

It is odd, isn’t it, how the only evil regimes the Western democracies are interested in overthrowing are small countries with relatively little power, often with assets and resources we need, and often countries with whom they have ceased to trade. While the Western democracies are cheering and conspiring in the overthrow of dictators of small nations (of course for the best possible reasons) they ignore the dictators of large nations with whom they trade. The names of the petty dictators are on our lips and in the news as their crimes are exposed, but few can name the ruler of the largest nation on earth and his crimes and those of his regime are carefully ignored.