Honouring the Unworthy

Most nations have places where their great minds are honoured; in Britain Westminster Abbey is such a place. It is laden with memorials to monarchs, and statesmen (some of whom deserve to actually be honoured by such memorials) and to poets, great thinkers and writers and innovators in important fields which have relieved human suffering.

We now learn that another person is to be honoured by a memorial in Westminster Abbey: David Frost was for a few years of his youth an important satirist but ceased such endeavours to expose vice, corruption and folly before 1970 and concentrated his career on the creation of wealth and the entertainment of folk. These new endeavours are not necessarily bad, but are perfectly ordinary and many try to do these things. They are not motivated by a concept of intellectual communication to improve the lot of humanity, but by the lesser idea of self-interest.

Mr Frost died just under a year ago and is doubtless missed by his family and those who loved him. We discover that this person is to be honoured with a memorial in Westminster Abbey – no I have not made this up.

The memorials of those who created “Bleak House” and “the Canterbury Tales” and “Hamlet”, and those who created modern nursing, postulated about mechanics and important science will share equal rank with the presenter of “Through the Keyhole”.

Honouring the unworthy is shameful; doing so in a house dedicated to what some believe to be the almighty, is even more so.

2 Responses

  1. History is the lie agreed upon Rob, same goes for war, it is honoured when all other avenues of peace are shunned and rejected.

  2. The ones who fund the wars are explained here.

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