The Imminent Threat of a Wedding Procession

In December a drone sent by the United States of America entered Yemen and struck a wedding procession. The US claims that the twelve people killed and the fifteen people injured were all members of Al-Qaeda, but how would they know?

In May last year, the courageous President Obama who orders these strikes personally set out that he would not send in the drones unless there was a near certainty (not reasonable doubt) that civilians would not be harmed by a strike by drones and that there was a continuing and imminent threat.

Presumably a wedding procession is a great danger to the United States of America, because a wedding means marriage, marriage children and there is a possibility that the children will become supporters of Al Qaeda, especially if their unless and cousins are killed by an American drone will celebrating a marriage.

If this action had been carried out by Saddam Hussein or any other dictator of whom the United States and Western Europe disapproves it would be roundly condemned by the United States and cited as evidence of a war crime. However, when the United States launches drones that kill people different laws and ethics apply.

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