What To Do About A Flooded Home -Gas –Electrics and Water

This is a simple guide on what you should do if floods threaten or happen. 
First, make sure you keep your insurance policy close to you because you will need it!

If You Are Sure That Your Home Will be Flooded

If you are sure that your home will become flooded, and by this I mean that there will be standing water on the floor of the ground floor of any depth, then you should turn off the electricity at the mains. This will turn off your gas boiler. You should also turn off the gas at the mains. Also turn off your water stop cock that brings water into the house, having first stored some water in vessels and turn off all taps and any ball valves in order to reduce the risk of contaminated flood water back siphoning into your system. These precautions may well mitigate damage.

After the Flood Subsides – The Electrics

If the floodwater has come into contact with your electrics, then before you call someone to service and sort out the gas boiler, you should have the electrics checked the by a competent electrician. There is no point in calling the gas engineer until the electrics are working safely.

Check the Boiler

When the flooding has subsided you must check to see whether the boiler has been immersed or partially immersed in the floodwater. If the boiler has come into contact with floodwater then to have the boiler and its electrical components as well as any components that are located outside the boiler such as control and timers, checked by a competent service engineer. Get the model name and number of the boiler before you call the engineer. Tell the engineer if the boiler has been submerged or partially submerged.

What the Engineer Must Do

The engineer must:-

  • Check and replace electrical parts that have been water-affected, including controllers, timers and room thermostats
  • Check the insulation in the combustion chamber and replace if necessary
  • Check the sealed system for leaks and fix any
  • Check to see if the filter needs cleaning.

While He’s There

You might as well get the engineer to service the boiler.

The Water Supply

There are water borne diseases that are associated with flooding, including weils’ disease and cryptosporidium. The water system should be flushed and disinfected and after disinfection you should run the taps if the water coming out is a milky colour. Do not use your dishwasher or your washing machine until the disinfection has been carried out and then before using them, run them a full cycle on empty but on the hottest programme to clear out any remaining residues. Like gas and electrics, this is a job for a competent trained person.

Only Use

Gas Safe/ OFTEC / HETAS registered operatives.

Don’ Forget

To tell your insurers what you propose to do and get their go ahead before you do so, keeping a note of any reference number they give you.

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