The Rain Still Falls

The southern part of England has had more rainfall on it than ever, well if you count “ever” as being 248 years. The rain still falls and now the upstream parts of the Thames is in danger of flooding, with more than two and a half thousand homes at risk form the rising waters.

The politicians continue to blame each other, with Mr Chris Smith claiming that the expertise of his staff at the Environment Agency is a hundred times greater than any politician; that simply makes things more shameful. I would have expected experts to know several thousand times more about flood management than politicians and for politicians to defer to the experts. Mr Smith and all the politicians can find refuge in “Apres moi, le deluge”.

Severe flood warnings warn of danger to life; already life has been lost. Politicians seem as muddled and apart from talking do little. As a nation the United Kingdom can fight wars in far off places, have a nuclear deterrent, punch above its weight ion the world stage but cannot plan for floods and alleviate the effect of floods on its own soil.

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