Links to Climate Change

There have been many extreme unprecedented weather events recently. Some claim that these have been “just one of those things” that happen in the world’s complex climate. It was, they say, always thus, that weather and climate changes. 

But humans are curious animals and look for causes; no longer are humans satisfied with the dogma of old – that these things are the will of an almighty. They may be, who knows, but there is a causal link in the chain of events and if we can use our intelligence to discover the cause of these effects we might be able to mitigate them, using other resourecs and cleverness.

How can we join the following dots up to make a picture.

1. Drought in the Horn of Africa

2. Record high temperatures in Australia

3. Heat waves in the USA

4. Reduction in ice cover in the Arctic during summer

5. Storms and heavy rainfall in the British Isles causing flooding unprecedented in 248 years of records

6. Drought and heat waves on the Russian Steppe

There are many other dots which i have not recorded on this page but are recorded elsewhere in these essays, which I have writeen since 2008.

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link. A link can be weak or strong. In some cases the link may be stronger or weaker than other links in the chain.

2 Responses

  1. Some of the other, coolness.

    Tokyo hit by rare heavy snowfall; trains delayed…trains-delayed

    Lake Superior sets new ice-cover record…percent_i.html

    Niagara freezes over this year.

    This and the sun is why.

    Time will tell as they say.

  2. Green party just released the statement that all ministers who don’t believe in climate change should be fired.

    Big Fail Greens, where has democracy gone to, LOL.

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