Is the Planet Warming?

There are plenty of excellent scientists at NASA. They have managed to send humans to the moon and to have them orbit in spacecraft around the world and gathered much information which is added to human knowledge about our planet and the universe. I would imagine that the scientists at NASA would not wish to make false claims or miscalculations. I do not think that you can put a man on the moon using much flawed science.

NASA, as an entity, “believes” in global warming and climate change caused by human activity. I am not aware that any of those who do not share this belief have managed to launch space rockets containing humans, but of course no doubt if I am wrong I shall be corrected.

NASA has been monitoring average global temperatures. It found that in 2013 the average global temperature was 14.6°C which is 0.6°C higher than the average temperature in the 1950s and that the average temperature has increased by 0.8°C since 1880.

2013 had an average temperature which was about the same as that in 2006 and 2009. 2013 had the seventh highest average temperature of the planet since records began. There are many who claim that average temperatures have not increased in the past 10 years. As with all statistics there may be truth in the claim if one is careful to select specific statistics for interpretation a bit like rearranging words on a page to create a different meaning.

What is clear is that if you look on global temperatures over the period since 1880 they have risen decade by decade and the years which have the highest average global temperatures are almost all the recent years.

Some commentators (they are not scientists of course) claim that we may be at the dawn of a new ice age in the claim may be founded upon scientific speculation, which is not the same as science. That claim may be true but on the science it seems to be extremely unlikely to be true and that the safe thing to humans to do is to prepare for many more decades of global warming rather than stock up on additional clothing.

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  1. Hi Rob

    Where the profitable gas failed to convince the masses of AGW, TPTB are trying really to warm the planet via a blanket of clouds created by Geo Engineering, the evidence is clear enough to see if one looks up now and again.

    Then there is the fellow, not a scientist but someone who watches what the scientists all say.

    Wo/men are born ignorant, but not stupid, it is education that enables us to become stupid.

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