A Mistake, but Not the Worst Mistake

In the United Kingdom, the Labour Party, proposed to make it a criminal offence for a driver of a car to me to permit smoking in the car if there are children in it. The offence, if committed, would carry fines and the reasoning behind creating such an offence is to protect children. The government will allow a free vote on the issue.

It is simple; smoking in a car with children present should not be done, but there are many other things that should not be done which are not crimes and should not be crimes. We cannot and should not attempt to make every act of undesirable behaviour a criminal offence.

Of course smoking in a car with children present might well damage them but so might having children stand by the side of a very busy main road waiting for a break in traffic in order to cross the road. Children’s lungs can be terribly damaged by particulates in the atmosphere created by burning fossil fuels and in the case of traffic particulars those from diesel engines so beloved it of buses and taxis.

People make many mistakes with their children as they bring them up and smoking in a car may be just one of the many mistakes that parents make and not by any means the worst mistake.

2 Responses

  1. You of all people Rob should know that government cannot and have never made laws, if legislative or am I wrong here, only the queen can do this, and when it comes to any party, they are all one and the same and then blame the previous party for what has occurred beforehand, we might wake up to the fact that is, the government killed the goose that laid their golden egg.

    • I think that the technical process is that new legislation needs the consent of the Commons, the Lords and the Queen; her consent is just a formality these days. Theoretically the people elect the government, but the elections are loaded in favour of political parties, not individuals. People should own and control their political parties and their governments but both political parties and governments control the people.

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