Nobel Peace Prize for Snowden?

It is comforting to see that two members of the Norwegian Parliament have nominated Edward Snowden for the Nobel peace prize. No doubt that nomination will upset the United States of America and it is worth bearing in mind that Mr Snowden did bring into the open the fact that the United States of America was carrying out surveillance on its people and on other people all over the world.

The award will be decided by the great and the good of Norway together with other Nobel laureates. One cannot be confident that Mr Snowden will get the prize; after all, the same body to decide on the prize awarded it to Mr Obama in 2009 in circumstances that puzzled everyone who heard about the award. It is also awarded the peace prize to the European Union, another puzzling decision.

It will be interesting to see if Mr Snowden is awarded the prize whether he will travel to Norway to collect it, and if he does whether he will meet with an extradition proposal from the United States. Meanwhile in London Mr Snowden’s co-conspirator, Julian Assange, continues to live in the embassy of the Republic of Ecuador.

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