In the Rain

On my way to work this morning I saw an old man on a bicycle with a guitar case on his back. What is an old man? When I was in my 20s I thought people in their 40s were incredibly old. Today no one seems old; everyone seems young. So I could not guess the age of the old man on the bicycle and anyway it was raining very hard and his food was pulled over his face and the guitar case was shiny wet as the man cycled up a hill in the rain.

I wondered what dreams that man on a bicycle with a guitar might have had when he was young. He might have dreamt of becoming a famous guitarist. The shape of the guitar case indicated that he was carrying on his back and electric guitar so perhaps he dreamt of composing rock ‘n’ roll songs and perhaps he had a whole collection of composed but unpublished songs; many of us have this.

And I then wondered where all the time went on decided that somewhere in this universe there is a secret place that collects time that has passed. Even if we find the place we can only see time passed through warped translucent glass which distorts because it does not exist to enable us to see through it but only to let light from the past light up the present in which we live.

The man on the bicycle with the guitar cycled out of my sight. The rain fell down on him and me and the rain darkened the day light and obscured my vision and I realised that if I could not see the present clearly I have no hope of understanding things past. I carried on with my journey to work

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