The Road to Damascus

Journalists and reporters have used up all their adjectives when describing the conflict in Syria. There is so much death and so much destruction. I do not think that you need to use all your adjectives up to describe what is going on in Syria today. You simply need to count the numbers of the dead and the numbers of the main. Those numbers will describe the horror far more accurately than any collection of adjectives.

 Those in power and those seeking power and control have it within their gift to put an end to the death and destruction in Syria but that would mean an end to their own ambition and ambitious people do not want to give up what they hold or what they may hold.

 I have an ambition to visit Syria. A few years ago I was in Jordan and thought about taking the road to Damascus to visit the city and find the scenes that the biblical characters hung around. I did not have time to visit Damascus so I told myself I would do so another year. My ambition is unlikely to be fulfilled as fulfilment has been prevented by the ambitions of others to retain or to obtain power over the Syrian people and the Syrian lands.

 Some believe that a blinding light appeared over the road to Damascus 2000 years ago caused by a supreme and Almighty entity. Today there are many blinding lights in and around Damascus but these are caused by the weapons of war that men deploy against each other, and not for the purpose of enlightenment.

2 Responses

  1. The road to ruin is how the military industrial complex like things, all roads lead to their Damascus.

    We like oil but we turn a blind eye towards the death it causes.

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