Dominated by Oligarchs

In the United Kingdom we are ruled and dominated by oligopolies. There are six energy companies which control 98% of the domestic energy market, five banks which control 90% of the retail and business banking to small individuals and businesses, a handful of railway companies which do not actually compete with each other, a few political parties and a handful of food retailers who control the sale of food to the extent that the government has had to appoint an ombudsman to ensure that the supermarkets do not overly exploit the farmers and food suppliers.

Money, heat and light, food and politics are all obtained from large groups who have us in their thrall; these are all controlled in a way that gives the lie to the claim that the people are protected by competition because competition only works in a genuinely competitive market, not in a economic system dominated by oligarchies. Breaking up oligarchies is a very hard thing to do. Any attempt to do this usually results in one of th oligarchs closing down to the benefit of the other oligarchs.

3 Responses

  1. The oligarchs and who they are working for, a story here.

    There is also a book

  2. Remember the ideas I put forward for growing a solar panel system Rob, here is a team of people looking into what is Contributism, IE sharing the idea of a group gain.

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