Climate Change Orthodoxy

What is orthodoxy in climate change science? Probably the orthodox scientific view is that humans are by virtue of increasing emissions of greenhouse gases changing the climate, primarily by warming the atmosphere and the surface of the earth and the seas. An orthodox view also probably holds that the climate changes believed to be caused anthropologically take place over an extended but unspecified period of time, probably a century, while recognising that the climate has always changed but much more slowly over many centuries or more likely several millennia.

Orthodoxy of course has no claim to being right, it is simply a traditional view. Within climate change science there are many variations of what may be happening. We do not really know what actually is happening so it is harder to predict what may be happening. Take, for example, the issue of increasing earth temperatures. Believing that climate change and global warming is taking place seems to require, according to some, a requirement that the surface of the earth should get measurably warmer year by year and that evidence that the surface of the earth has not got measurably warmer for the past ten or twenty years means that climate change orthodoxy is wrong.

That view betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of thermodynamics. heat, we are told, moves from a warmer place to a cooler place, warming the cooler place; the reverse does not happen, at least in this universe. It is not a rule of thermodynamics that the retention of heat by virtue of a thick atmospheric content of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere requires the heat to be retained in the surface of the earth where it may be measured. heat of course may easily be retained anywhere, including in the seas, and any single measurement, according to climate change orthodoxy, is not evidence of anything at all beyond the facts of that measurement.

If I have got my science wrong I would be very pleased to hear from someone who will correct it.

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  1. You as well as I Rob know that the way records are logged today is open season for the spikes and the stables of weather to be hidden from view.
    Tens or Hundreds of years between data is of no use whatsoever, we have been taking records here locally for several decades now and the trend of late is a marked cooling down of the Northern Hemisphere, regardless of arctic sea ice loss, Greenland mainland ice spells a different story and who best to tell than the Inuit.

    Thing is it is not our science is it, neither is it the IPCC’s either, I suggest you give Santos Bonacci a serious listen and how he says the old records say that earth does a 360 degree turn every 1.6 million years, which was the science of the ancients, recorded in their day, all of the planets are doing this, some more than others and some faster than others.

    Ice ages were not just confined to the Northern hemisphere to which there is lots of scientific evidence, Antarctica is undergoing one as we speak, and the Piri Reis map says this is true, where that continent was drawn out before the current ice age.

    See this link for the sudden method.

    We never look to the past always the future and guess our way, while others make us pay through the nose for not having the correct knowledge.

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