Playing With Toys

When we come into the world, when we are aware of it for the first time and struggle to come to terms and understand this shiny new thing, we seem to have to make a decision; will we play with this new toy that we have found thrust around us, moulding it into the best shape for our pleasure, or shall we try to improve it, smooth its rough edges, re-engineer one small part of it so that the next child has an easier struggle?

Most people instinctively choose the latter; there is still pleasure in playing to improve, but perhaps not as much as playing for its own sake. And whichever choice we make sets us on a path from which it is hard to deviate and harder to know whether the consequences of effort will improve the toy or will render it dangerous and fear inspiring, to bleed the passions of those to come.

Most passion arises from those who take the second path; most honour falls to those who tread its arduous way. And passion and honour fool us into considering friends fools or worse and our arguments as infallible statements of the divine.

I have more play to make in the short time that I have left to shape some corner of this shiny new thing; my hands are weak now and gradually shall distil their efforts on the easiest parts until the toy is surrendered to newer stronger hands, better or worse.

One Response

  1. I like to calls this phenomenon, Hand to Eye Coordination. I bought my children Lego instead of video games. Every beginning should be made harder not easier, for those who enter it, then they will seek harder to find the better ways, the elite models them into it and them that runs the show would find it much harder to mould the minds of man into their ways of doing things.

    We have all seen the latter and what it has done to the earth and all of those who reside upon it.

    We are venturing into unchartered waters, but there are minds who have already decided out fate and our science for the next hundred years believe me.

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