Let’s Keep Breaking Records!

Records are supposed to be broken, as human achievement improves. The fast get faster and the skilful get more skilful. But there is one type of record that should not be broken and that is the records pertaining to our weather.

As I write these words every state in the United States is experiencing below freezing temperatures. Admittedly in Hawaii at the top of Mauna Kea the temperature is merely -7C but the rest of the United States is enjoying (or despairing of) record cold temperatures, with much of the Midwest being between ten and twenty degrees Celsius below freezing point. Even sunny California which experienced an exceptionally warm Christmas period has turned cold.

Meanwhile at Mauna Loa the monthly average of atmospheric carbon dioxide measured for the month of November 2013 Loa was 395.11 ppm compared with November 2012 when it was 392.81 ppm. Both the upward trend of CO2 concentration and the upward trend of increasing CO2 concentration continues and there is nothing to suggest that these trends will alter in 2014, when I expect humanity to achieve a new record of a month average atmospheric carbon dioxide concentration in excess of 400 parts per million.

4 Responses

  1. I will give you one thing Rob, your persistent.

    Our local garden centre has green houses will added Co2 up to 650ppm, the people who work in them and the plants are thriving as we speak.

    I wonder what the PPM are in the thickest jungles of the planet, where the most compostation is taking place, why not measure the levels here instead of right on top of a volcano, we know why of course.

    Lets also look at the planes that are producing the geo engineered weather, and the huge amounts of Co2 they are producing whilst trying to control the weather, here is a complete nightmare right above us, and one that is wasting around half the planets ready energy.

    One day we might wake up to reality, instead of throwing money and real pollution at something we have no control over whatsoever.

  2. Rob you are a really intelligent and good person yet your blog on climate matters has become little more than superstition dressed up as intelligentsialistic comment.

    You have very little fundamental physics maths or chemistry. You are a lawyer. What were your A levels?

    In my view your weakness is that you believe rather than understand!

    I hate to even suggest this idea but are you being paid by the EU to write this drivel? Does the EU subsidise pro climate change blogs? like it does with the BBC?

    Are you still the same person who took part in the the 1968 ‘sit in’ in Whitworth Hall in Manchester or have you sold out? Is the need to sell solar panels is warping your judgement? Is it more important to keep the dubious respect of those scientific illiterate liberals you regard as friends?

    Energy conservation is of genuinely worldwide importance and I absolutely respect and admire your risks in pursuing this company strategy but global warming is a scam invented by those (Al Gore BP, etc) who want to extract the maximum value from the assets they own. These people, and their compliant media propaganda are not concerned with people, the human race etc but simply maximising the value of their assets, resources etc.

    In so far as there might be human induced global temperature changes the crucial fact is that since the scaremongering started in 1985 (by James Lovelock, since retracted) and despite increases in atmospheric carbon dioxide we have 20 years of no recorded global warming.

    If you haven’t sold your soul to the EU you have become a zombie unable to respond to logic. A zealot with blinkers who has abandoned the years of rigorous analysis underpinning university training only able to tow the party line.

    • Chris

      I make this drivel up all by myself and haven’t sold any solar panels for a year. All I do now is practise law. I really wish that you will be proved right about global warming – that would be wonderful, but let’s wait and see. The I am the same person that I was at 1969 sit in at Whitworth Hall, but a little fatter and with less hair. I cherish the ideals of 1967, which we never as a generation achieved. I count the friends that I have on the fingers of one hand. None of them are scientific illiterate liberals, but one of them is you.


    • Chris

      Your compartmentalisation of Rob isn’t really needed, it creates a model where the ones actually telling the lies, can further their cause and create future lies and a truly wasted paradigm for all who reside in it.
      The science is already decided chris, by those who know nothing about that particular science, Like our venerable Gore, of which there is no degree to be obtained upon.

      To understand how it all works have a listen to this guy.

      If we continue to divide each other these Enochian Magicians will create the world they have for another few millennia.

      The recent Fukashima incident has now killed more life in the ocean it has touched than any airborne gas could ever do, akin to a small meteor strike my scientist friends have mentioned, this is the kind of thing that is rapidly changing our immediate environment and needs to be addressed and the money being spent on something highly unnatural, like the true natural sunlight, should be gathered instead..

      To Rob, I have already shared my ideas of how to sell solar panels, by creating a network of user/hirers to slowly bring in the savings as the energies saved, if I had the spare cash I would help you make it so.

      Anyone reading these minutes who has spare cash, should really look into such a system which is working outside the current powers that be, because they will only stagnate progress.

      One of my personal friends works for a leading green energy company, which is now under the guise of the French nuclear industry, for several years now this has been their greening arm and visual climate agenda/model, yet nothing but pocket money has been thrown into their pot, we all know why.

      This model and paradigm is only ever going to work if we use real science and real apparatus to bring in the savings, everything we need to do this is there, but not the will to share the wherewithal.

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