What has been Achieved in Afghanistan

Sometime this year foreign troops will leave Afghanistan, at least in a fighting role, and the maintenance of law and order in that troubled country will be left to the countrymen of Afghanistan. It is worth understanding just what the Allied coalition in Afghanistan has achieved.

1. The Taliban has been removed from office. It still controls areas of the country and has good support in the hearts and minds of some Afghanis.

2. The poppy crop is at its highest levels. The drugs produced from it are on the streets of all the coalition countries in greater numbers than ever.

3. Violent crimes against women have now increased to record levels. There was a 25% increase in rape and mutilation of women recorded in the middle six months of 2013.

4. Terrorism has not been defeated; this was the object of the war.

I shall not attempt to count the dead. The Allies do not count the dead civilians only their own dead.  Afghanistan has not been worth the bones of a Pomeranian Grenadier but it has turned many soldiers and civilians into bones and ashes.

One Response

  1. Study this link Rob, see who some of the fat controllers really are and why drugs are so important to their programs, China was one of many countries torn asunder during the opium wars, and the rhythm gets even stronger by the decade.


    Also see the HSBC for who they are, who are the share holders and the governments being bribed to go along with their programs.

    The same evil is letting this happen without remorse.


    Every avenue of inhuman violence is being offered to prevent the paradigms from thinking straight, the elite are very afraid Rob and pulling more than just a few strings to create waves so huge the whole might be drowned in the process.

    The lid is coming off Rob, get ready.

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