Eating Tasteless Food

I was on a British Airways plane which was flying high and fast, as planes fly. The cabin crew served breakfast. Food on planes is rarely worth eating but this breakfast filled me with optimism. The cabin attendant gave me a dish which contained good looking fruit. There was a thick slice of water melon and thinner slices of honeydew and ogen melon. There were several strawberries, a few blueberries and a couple of blackberries. Finally, at the bottom of the dish, was a slice of pineapple.

I ate my way through the fruit, hoping that some of the fruit would taste how it was meant to taste. I cannot complain that the fruit tasted bad;  in fact it was totally without taste. I was eating tasteless fruit, although admittedly the fruit had texture, some of which were textures that you would associate with fruit.

I am not a gourmet or an expert on food. It is pleasant to eat food that tastes good, but it is not essential. Eating food that tastes of nothing seems to go against what humans expect with food. Eating becomes a chore, rather than a pleasure. I know that it must be hard to feed airline passengers with excellent food, but feeding them fruit that tastes of fruit should not be beyond the wit of humanity.

However, it seems that food is not just declining in taste; it also appears declining in nutrient value. There seems, for example, to be an inverse relationship between crop yield and the mineral nutrient content of crops; crops like spinach have significantly less iron in them these days than they did when Popeye the Sailor man ate spinach which gave him strength. Popeye would not get strong on the iron content of spinach today.

We eat food for its nutrients, and things like appearance flavour and taste should direct us, instinctively, to food that we need. Humans have mimicked taste and flavour so that we readily eat food without much nutrient content and so we grow obese, rather than strong and healthy. Recently it was estimated that a third of people in developing countries like Mexico and Egypt are becoming obese.

It is odd, isn’t it? people are filling their bellies with tasteless food and food without much nutrient value, and as always, are becoming what they eat, tasteless and obese.

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