Artificial Crime

There is a good deal of artificial crime around these days and artificial crime is to be found in many countries. The people who commit artificial crime are not criminals; generally they are law abiding citizens who wish to improve their society or the state of human nature. Sometimes these people who commit artificial crime are simply exercising free choice which harms no one. Such choice may not be desirable or what others may chose, but exercising it becomes criminalised and so such people are consigned to the ranks of artificial criminals.

Usually laws about artificial crime are enacted by governments to uphold the status quo. Upholding the status quo is not a good thing to do, unless you live in heaven. Humanity has never achieved any society which is perfect and to which improvements cannot be made. Be wary of those that seek to uphold the status quo.

So laws that prevent people demonstrating peacefully against governments, laws that prevent people from withdrawing their labour, laws that make it a crime for a medical worker or a policeman to neglect and laws that prevent people insulting governments or institutions and even laws that prevent people insulting that of which they disapprove but society deems worthy of protection from insult are examples of artificial crimes. Those who commit artificial crimes are, of course, artificial criminals. Unfortunately the fines and prisons are not artificial.

3 Responses

  1. That is what my very old neighbour calls a police state, laws in such a state cannot function like they were originally designed to, and to function at all many are becoming themselves models of indirect violence for their manufactured cause. So what we need to do is have an out of sight and peacefully non compliance, basically say no to the thieves and praise the righteousness of those seeking the truth.

    But first we need to grow a pair and act accordingly, their system is now in decline by design, would not be able to cope and freedom in many shapes and forms would begin to flourish.

    They cannot visit every home, many of which are occupied by the same forces being used against the people the were written to serve.

    Tell me I’m wrong for what is now being categorised as a thought crime, to mention that which cannot be mentioned.

    Time to wake up folks.

    • When an authority seeks to exert greater or stricter authority the easiest way is to invent artificial crime.

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