The Creation Process

The process that creates us starts with a foetus and ends with a corpse. One grows larger, the other fades away. When sperm and ovum join they do so in private and we know that the grave is a fine and private place. So you start and so you end and in between falls the creation process.

When you are young you think things and do things that you have never done before. Part of what you do governs what you think and part of what you think governs what you do. Our thoughts are unique to us, but we borrow and adapt the thoughts of others.  All of this is part of how you and I became unique. At this moment you are unique. There are very many people who are similar to you and have similar ideas, and similar genetic material, but no one is identical to you either in a room full of people or in a world full of people.

Walk into a crowded room. Every person in that room sees what is happening from a different perspective. The shapes colours and relationships are common but every person has a different understanding of them. Every person in the room will hear only part of the sounds of the room or will hear the sounds in a different way. Different from everyone else. Every separate person in the world. All seven billion of us. No test can be devised to establish that every one of those with perfect vision sees the same thing in the same way. No one can prove music sounds the same to everyone who hears it.

No one can show that we all feel the passing of time in the same way or do more than speculate about the boundaries that time sets us.

Our individuality is not paramount, just important. We manage at most times to live work and play with many other individuals, who move in and out of our lives as we move in and out of theirs. We as individuals herd into groups and fight with other groups or compete with them for things that we desire with longing but can only briefly possess.

The things we see and hear have been created, not by an act or even a series of acts, but by a process. You cannot accumulate a process;, you can possess the by-products of the process such as the art, the music and the words but not the process itself.. Accumulating possessions is not an act of creation. Creation is never an act; it is a process. Living is the process of creation.

2 Responses

  1. I love your perspective, it has surely influenced mine

  2. But we are not being encouraged to be individuals today Rob, we are from birth penned up and indoctrinated by rules, religions and belief patterns thrust into our innocent faces, our own parents chose many of our know beliefs before we are old enough to realise what they are, religion for one, all are different kinds of mind prisons.

    We are however all one consciousness but have been steered away from the reality of the world we live in, there are many wise people who try to share the alternatives but are being compartmentalised by a force so strong it would devour all before it.

    To see what the signs are, we might listen to those from the systems who can see many of the answers.

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