Our Needy Objective

Most of us in the western democracies have gorged ourselves for the past few days. We have feasted and been kept warm, most often in the compnay of those we love and those we love, even though our love may not always have been apparent in our behaviour. The Christmas feasting has ended for us, and we return to a normalcy.

However there are more people who have not feasted over Christmas than there are people who have dwelled with plenty. For these people,

All the earth was sick and famished ;
Hungry was the air around them,
Hungry was the sky above them,
And the hungry stars in heaven
Like the eyes of wolves glared at them

It is hard to think of these people when we are ourselves sated. For them survival from one day to another is a victory, a success whereas for us in the West the acquisition of more than we can ever need, is our needy objective.

2 Responses

  1. Our needy objective is to hear the truth behind the lies being used against mankind over profit and control.

    Naturals cannot be patented.

  2. http://redicecreations.com/article.php?id=28311

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