If I were God

I am not a religious person. Religion is about belief. I do not know what I believe but sometimes I do believe what I do not know; my ignorance has no bounds.

People are different creatures in their nature from other animals. Unlike other animals whose desires and behaviour is wholly centred on things that assist with their physical needs, humans have desires and behaviours that do not relate to their physical needs. They have religions, which require behaviour of veneration and submission to that which they cannot see and for which there is scant evidence ; they worship, submit and venerate what they hope is an almighty being in the belief that such will assist in their physical needs.

If I am hungry I can eat and my hunger will stop. If I am thirsty I can drink and will no longer be thirsty. But if I am lacking in knowledge I can only learn or pray, or do both. I can understand the rationale of learning because it includes thinking; the world is largely a logical place; ideas can be tested by thought before they are implemented to some extent, but what of prayer?

Prayer has two features; it is an act of worship and submission to something those who pray believe rules them and it is an act of reminding those who pray of the laws that guide them.  Those laws are laid down in the religion that demands prayer.

I have never understood worship; if I were God I do not think that I would want to be worshipped. As God I would know that I was superior to the sum of those humans who worshipped me. I would not need to be reminded of being God and having created those humans I would not need them to acknowledge what to me would be an undeniable fact, unless worship sustained me, but such requirement of sustenance by worship seems very ungodly.

Submission is easier to understand. It is an act that makes more likely that humans will follow the rules that a supreme being would want them to follow; submission is a logical requirement to the existence of law and the existence of law is perfectly rationale. If I were God I would not want to interfere with the lives of seven billion souls; I would explain the laws that should guide them in their lives and to which they should adhere. This would result in some complexity, but generally it should result in justice.

The promise of heaven or paradise would be a useful way of gaining some human adherence to the God’s laws, and although, were I God, I might well re-arrange the atoms of the bodies of dead humans from time to time, and possibly in that re-arrangement I might distil some essence of their former vitality in a different form; I do not think that once I had set the atoms vibrating I would wish to control the way in which they would vibrate, just perhaps re-arrange them.

I would make the lions understand that they should eat the antelopes, and the antelopes understand that they must eat the plants and the plants understand that they must feed from the soil. That will has been done. But what should I make the humans understand? Like the lions and the antelopes and the grass, the humans must also eat reproduce and die, but their lives will be more complex and the more complex a life the more laws that must follow and I, if I were God, would have to write those laws in a way that the laws could be understood. You cannot easily understand complicated laws and people have a habit and a desire to make simple laws extraordinarily complicated if they wish to avoid the simple truth of the law. Laws should be made so that they can be understood by everyone.

Some would say that I am thinking about things that I can never possibly understand but by design or accident I was made to think about them. Of course, I am not God. I am simply a rather ignorant human who wishes all other ignorant humans to be safe and well on the day before Christmas Eve.

2 Responses

  1. True nature is the law of the jungle, religions were devised for mind control in the arena of and the fear of death, nothing else.

    Then came the written word to seal the minds eye, word are our language and the wholes, used wisely can heal everything that has been hurt by clever meanings.

  2. Meet the Gods

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