Why Mr Buffet?

Warren Buffet must be a very clever business man. In 2013 he added $12.7 billion to his fortune. He has a net worth of more than $59 billion and that is nearly as much as Mr Gates whose net worth seems to be more than $72 billion.

Now I have never met Mr Buffet or Mr Gates but I expect that they are or consider themselves to be nice and decent people. I congratulate them on their astuteness but I have to ask them two questions, if I may.

  1. I know that these people are renowned for their charitable giving but an increase in their net wealth presupposed that their giving was less than their earning in 2013. Is this actually the case?
  2. Why do they need money that they can never spend?

I am very puzzled by these questions and would welcome the answers from Mr Buffet and Mr Gates or any of the other world’s 2,170 dollar billionaires who control $7.3 trillion of wealth. It is hard to understand why anyone should seek to acquire so much more than they will ever need to ever be capable of spending.