Words Come in a Rush but Words are not Ideas

Sometimes I do not have to time to write an essay which I find satisfactory. We cannot buy or extend time, either in microcosm or in our lifetimes. Sometimes the ideas are ill formulated in my mind because I have spent insufficient time thinking about the ideas. Sometimes the words flow, but the ideas are not significant.  Words may come in a rush, but words are not ideas; words are one way to communicate ideas, perhaps with greater precision and with more accuracy than any other medium because  as long as we all use the same words to mean the same thing those words are less capable of being interpreted wrongly, than music or painting. Writing is more precise than speech, and more tiring.

When I read what I have written and finds that my ideas are not properly formed I save the draft and return to my draft again and again and the process of amending it seems to help my mind work out precisely what I want to write. Sleep helps sort out my mind, although my dreams become more and more odd as I grow older.

I write about my dreams but not about the dreams that come to me when i sleep; I write about my dreams of what may come; sometimes these are nightmares of what may come, and other times no more than hope of what may come.

And the words pour out, so many that my hands and arms tingle from the tapping of the keyboard, and yet I write on, hoping that my waking dreams will come to pass and the waking nightmares will never happen.


7 Responses

  1. Truth and science is how mankind will conquer his minds eye.

    Some music

    Hand to eye coordination must be the norm, not simply talking.

    • Provided that you have hands

  2. This one has FEMA, work camp/military written all over it, words fail me that we have the same minds and words starting to happen all over again.


  3. More words

  4. Hi Rob

    We also need good brains to guide those hands, not send them away to seek greener pastures, the writing is on the wall Rob, we are being taken slowly apart like a set of Meccano, by our own clever leaders who never use their hands.

    Once this model has been destroyed and the gap widens, as the youth of today are moth balled from reality by the slavery prop them up, the game is complete, and climbing back out of the paradigm devoid of skills will be almost unachievable.

    There is also another sleeping giant lurking and that is the electronic baton, soon the first Bit-Coin ATM’s are going to be released.

    To me it is no more that another commodity, an “Electronic Baton/ Electronic Fiat”, and as such will have a fluctuating value, that relies on other things apart from the market setting its value.
    And the fact that the general electronic keyboard public will be encouraged to participate in it, spells warning for me in big red letters.

    My suspicions were confirmed today by my financial advisors, who say that banks are just starting to role out these ATM’s all over creation, for Joe public. danger, warning, the powers that be will use this to get out of the mess they created, and then pull us further down their rabid hole afterwards..

    When did the financiers ever do anything beneficial for Joe public. That’s right, never. People are going to get seriously burned on this one, as they are looking for a new worldwide fiat replacement for the $Dollar, and now the financiers have saved the day. Its not even a useful commodity like silver for instance
    that has some economic value in technology.

    The single only commodity that’s has been traded for others benefit is,
    human skills. And its time people need to take back that for themselves.


    Take heed folks, the new religion and final theft of your skills and everything that is based upon them is coming to steal your soul completely.

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