Progression to Poverty

Progress is merely the movement in a particular direction. Progress is often confused with improvement. Some progression is improvement, but much of it is not. The latest study of the Institute of Fiscal Studies reveals that the next generation in the United Kingdom will only be wealthier than their parents if they managed to inherit some wealth from their parents. This is progress, but not the kind that is welcomed or desirable. We have progressed from a society in which individual improvement was likely into a society in which individual improvement is not likely, for the foreseeable future.

So when you hear an argument that something should happen because it is progress, you have to remember that progress is the chant of the self interested and not a human virtue; it is a human condition. As the people of the United Kingdom risk progression into poverty, we should all understand the real nature of progress.


6 Responses

  1. For progress to be noticed, first one has to be made richer, then made poorer, then back again. This is what the global leaders have been doing for millennia.
    First flooding or softening up a particular society by flooding their country with opium HSBC/opium wars in China, then creating huge debt within many of those countries, and finally taking away another countries labour by exporting it, are you beginning to see the nature of the beast Rob.

    What we are witnessing today is the droughts being designed to order and to happen all over again, today it is the wests turn to play the pauper, and also Africa now the militaries new target for civil wars and resources, and onwards we go until everyone has had their turn.

  2. Failing that here is a guy who really knows what’s going on tomorrow.

  3. Christianity also goes against the mandates of the big institutions. Of course, the family unit had to be destroyed. Then of course they also had to reduce the population. They also had to destroy any Values that people thought were normal. Once that happens, any crazy thing can be introduced to the public no matter how bizarre it seems initially. Through conditioning and propaganda and repetition and then by the force of law, you’re FORCED to change your mind and accept things which are generally unacceptable.

    People for centuries and centuries, had lived in traditional ways, kept out of debt and saved wherever they could. They’ve been under all different kinds of overlords and so on, but they generally found that males and females mated up and they tended to have families and stick together and that HAD to be destroyed. All these things pretty much still to this day exist in Islam, and that’s why it has go the way Christianity has — watered down and eventually destroyed.

    All down through the ages, people lived pretty much the same, and then in came the New Age which had the goal of making people placid, and turning the other cheek. Religion was starting to grab science and attach it to itself. So you had various kinds of Christian scientists and so on. All these organizations came out at about the same time, all again, with Masonic backgrounds.

    Open our eyes and we will see our enslavement.

  4. Follow the money cheats.

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