“Aspirations for environmental protection”

It is odd, is it not, that something as important and essential as environmental protection should be called “an aspiration” but this is what I heard it called by a leading industrialist. I suppose that we focus on what is important to us; if we are industrialists or earning our living with motor cars or love driving fast then environmental protection is relegated to “an aspiration” – something devoutly to be wished but not attained at the expense of what is important to us.

If we are less grand, less wealthy and less important, then  environmental protection is not an aspiration, but something that enables us to enjoy what we have, rather like the industrialist for whom pollution and a damaged environment is something that enables the industrialist to retain and enjoy what he has.

Between the wealthy industrialists who soil the environment (including those who are digital industrialists) and the ordinary folk for whom the environment is all they have lies a middle of people who know that environmental protection is necessary, rather than an aspiration but are able to enjoy a fraction of what the wealthy enjoy, and while experiencing the pleasure of their enjoyment believe themselves to be part of the wealthy, but when their short pleasure ends find themselves in an unprotected environment.

The middle are encouraged to pursue the acquisition of wealth, and the poor and shown short images of wealth and imagine their lives as being transformed. And none of them, none of them, have the imagination to understand what an unprotected environment will bring.

4 Responses

  1. Maybe its because men made the biggest mistake, of giving themselves the title of kings, when its all done and dusted, we will recognise that no man is fit to be king. But that has not stopped them from climbing Jacob Rothschild’s ladder to the very pinnacle of global ownership.

    When we all grow to understand that we are no different than all the other animals, who truly care for and live with their immediate environment, we might get our fair share and nature might get a well deserved rest to recover from the onslaught she is currently undertaking, without charge and at room temprature.

    We could however dare to live.

    When we do it will be a

  2. Absolutely shocking that these people use the excitement of Christmas to get this kind of message across.

    Protect your kids from this kind of verbal parents.

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