An Expected Day

All the leaves are gone and the sky is grey. This is what we expect in London at this time of the year. Little changes. We have also come to expect that our great British banks will be fined as more and more wrongdoing comes to light. The latest fines are £90 million which Lloyds and RBS have to pay for more wrong doing. It seems that the banks will never learn. Greed which is supposed to be good involves eating the food of others so that you can surfeit beyond what you need. This is what the banks do and we can expect more fines and more wrongdoing, just as we expect the leaves to fall from the trees on a winter’s day.

2 Responses

  1. There is an Enochian Kind of Magic being devised by the same thieves in wolves clothing as we speak, it is 95% electronic as of yesterday.

    Bit coin has also shown its vunerability, it has also with peaked and troughed towards an eventual bubble which has already gone and burst recently.

    The ultimate exchange for our labour might be the Silvio Gessell model but run by the people themselves, like a Pimlico type pound and island within another island, where the persons/individual labour is deposited on their own personal electronic coin, unique to the person not a bank.

    Then each and every persons physical labour would be valued at the same level, IE, each uses the same amount of energy as the next person to lift a cup to their lips, and so on.

    It could be in their form of a wrist watch which one waves over a diode as you begin work, as you finish another wave and the credits logged to store once you get home. A universal currency. Where at the wave of a hand you purchase everything your immediate environment, anything else from further afield would incur an extra stamp duty, this would keep production locally based and save a huge sum of energy.

    Remember, we are what we make, live and die to that rhythm and need to regain our link with the natural resources and the Earth itself.

    A far fetched story one might think, but its quite a simple model once you see it for what it is, total equality regardless of time spent, but based upon true energy used in the process called life.

    It is coming.

    • I like the idea of making things that are brought from afar expensive in order to encourage the use of things local. Logically we can do this by abolishing GATT and allowing nations to tax imports as much as they like.

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