Feels Like Sitting on a Powder Keg Surrounded by Smokers

The Organisation for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons has collected together all the chemical weapons that they have found in Syria. The weapons remain in Syria under the OPCW’s custody and comprise about one thousand tonnes of chemicals, including such goodies as mustard gas, Sarin and nerve gas. No final decision has been made on how to destroy or render safe these chemicals; the biggest problem facing the OPCW is figuring out how to get the chemicals out of Syria.

The rough plan is to get the chemicals to the port of Latakia, once famous for growing an excellent pipe tobacco, and thence by to a Danish ship moored outside the port, and thence to a US vessel apparently equipped to destroy the chemicals using an electrolysis process to break down the chemicals. Apparently the US will not allow their vessel to dock at Latakia, nor will the Syrian government.

This process is going to be hard and hazardous, especially as no one has worked out how to get the chemicals to Latakia safely.

Some brace souls in Syria, trying to render these weapons beyond use must feel as though they are sitting on a powder keg while those around them are lighting up cigarettes, pipes and cigars.

One Response

  1. We constantly ignore recent history and the highest cabal, secret governing body and its reasoning behind de-arming anyone with an advantage in war time, after every such episode the greater reasoning is witnessed as millions are rounded up and exterminated by a supposedly opposing force.

    Here is a good place to start to seeing what is really going on in the middle east.

    We are not concentrating on the wider issue here, to our losses in the future, there is a hidden power ruining our planet, removing our closeness with the earth itself.


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