The Nature of Compromises and Compromises with Nature

The talks about preventing global warming in Warsaw have ended with a compromise between the nations. Like all compromises the participants have given up some of what they want and agreed to some of what they do want. that is the nature of compromises. 

Unfortunately the participants cannot compromise with nature. Nature has no mind and no independent will. It follows rules and laws of which we know something but not everything. We can propose to nature that if we burn less it shall warm the planet less and shall have fewer extreme weather events, but unless our proposal adheres to nature’s laws, we are simply trying to negotiate with the wind and the sun and the rain, and they do not talk our language and do not bother with compromises.

2 Responses

  1. Nature has no mind, not true.

    It breeds when the time is right, eats when there is plenty for free, follows earth time Rob, outside influences are about to take effect, ones that no wo/man cab do anything about, but prepare.

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