The Point of Writing and the Point of Composing

There are parts of life that will always be kept secret and parts of each human that will always remain secret. An open book only divulges what it in the book; it does not explain what the author did not know. We may be able to map the DNA of a person but we do not understand the secret of that DNA and will never do so, because however long we try and however much we learn, we will only discover, ultimately, how much we do not know.

The songs of life are written in poems and played in music. Humans, ever inventive and keen to show their innate cleverness and anxious to boast of their wisdom and knowledge, can create the most complex work, but what we remember best and learn from best is the short rhyme and the sweet simple melody. This brings some hope for wisdom. It is not the writer but the words and it is not the singer but the song.

We write what we do not know but what others may know by words that are written or tunes composed, released into the world in the dubious uncertain hope that someone else will make sense of what we have created, perhaps, some day.  There are plenty of words and plenty of tunes, so we should keep listening.

2 Responses

  1. I fully expected this kind of essay from an, institutionalised, it isn’t a term by half. With no medical training mention that DNA will never be fully understood or worked out, they you say that life is written in songs and poems, nice try.

    See how songs, poems and institutionalisation is actually steering the paradigm, how people follow fashion and find fate and fantasy as a possible result.

    Listen to who Rob ?

  2. The whole is slowly but surely waking up to what is going on.

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